I’m Barbara

Inspiring my students through sensitivity, compassion, and clarity, my approach is grounded in a keen kinesthetic understanding, attuned to each individual with delicate precision and creativity to achieve deep, and profound change.

For over 37 years I have worked with clients like you: 18 years in elite orthopedic settings until 2000 when I opened my Feldenkrais® practice and never looked back.

I believe the whole systems approach of Feldenkrais® is the most effective, efficient, and fastest vehicle for long-lasting change.

Barbara’s Story

Movement has always been a life-long passion.

As a little girl I used to listen to musical tunes, (My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music) and dance around our living room for hours.

My mother, realizing this was not a passing whim, signed me up for dance lessons when I was eight years old. I followed my passion for movement into college, majoring in dance, until I discovered the field of physical therapy.

I love to move and I love to learn!

Anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology—I was in heaven in the PT program.

I could still take dance classes AND gain a thorough understanding of how we move and function as human beings.

Graduating with a B.S. in 1980, my enthusiasm as a PT (for learning) carried me into each day for the next 18 years.

Yet gradually, I became disillusioned. Something was missing.

“Fixing parts” (knees, shoulders, necks), not the whole person, didn’t feel right.

In 1997, I joined a Feldenkrais® training. That training completely changed the way I look at and work with clients, and dramatically changed the trajectory of my life.

I’m forever grateful for the knowledge and opportunity that my PT background has given me. I use that knowledge every day and never consider knee pain as just “knee pain”.

In Feldenkrais®, we look deeper and broader, to the whole person and how everything is moving, or in the case of pain, is not moving. We don’t work locally with the muscles around a particular joint but with the brilliance and plasticity of your nervous system.

You only need to be open to learning and willing to change for your full potential and life’s possibilities to unfold.

The way I work

Every session is tailored just for you. I listen to your concerns not only on the first visit but every visit and recognize how that impacts your daily life, your goals, and dreams.

In each session we work with where you are on that day and in that moment. I generally begin very delicately giving your nervous system an opportunity to begin to learn to listen to itself. Gradually, we add the next step, creating expanded possibilities. You begin to move and feel better and pain fades away.