Working with children lights up my day. Their fresh and buoyant presence is a spark of joy and calls for each session to be fluid with variety: ranging from very small and quiet to spontaneous, creative, and big. Using keen sensitivity, I tune to a level of aliveness in the child’s youthful nervous system, inviting it to awaken areas of dormancy. By accessing deep layers of the nervous system, given enough time and reminders, the nervous system begins to rediscover itself, slowly inviting an unfolding of organic development and the potential for limitless change.

I am continuously humbled by the richness of childrens’s unedited thoughts, their courage, and their willingness to learn and thrive. My passion is inspired by knowing that this work changes the trajectory of not only the child’s life but impacts entire family.

This potential for profound change has lead me to study with world leaders in the field and continues to fuel my self-learning. The more informed I can be in all aspects of development, the more effective I can be in your child’s life.

Physical Therapist   |   Feldenkrais Practitioner
ABM for Children Practitioner  |  Child’Space Practitioner

“My favorite days of the week are when we come to see Barbara. W is calm and happy when we are here. He does new things every time after a session when we go home. Even my husband notices, saying ‘He is a different kid after Barbara has worked with him. He is more aware of what he can do. Today he rolled from his back to his front for the first time.’”


William Tower VideographerWilliam Tower – Videographer

William films most of my sessions with children. He has a gentle and professional presence, capturing the essence of each child and the theme of each lesson. With his keen observational skills, his video allows the viewer to “feel” what the child is experiencing.

We all enjoy having William’s warmth and humor in the room!