Mentoring Programs

I currently offer two mentoring programs, one open to everyone, and one open to Feldenkrais practitioners
and students currently in a training program.

Do you ever feel—
That getting older or having chronic pain means getting stiffer and doing less?
That your life is slowly shrinking with increasing limitations?

Do you ever want—
To keep on doing what you love doing, forever?

Do you ever say—
“Oh yeah, I remember, I used to do that.”
and immediately think, “Not sure I still could or even want to try?”

Do you ever wonder—
Where the magic of an ATM lesson comes from?

We will be bursting old beliefs that limit your life, paving a path of hope and resiliency, and diving into the mystery and magic of ATM’s.

We will be a small, personal group, meeting monthly to explore the intricacies, mystery and magic of ATM lessons—specifically why they work and how they work. We will look at what they mean to your unique way of moving and how to get the most out of them. By enhancing your sensitivity and expanding knowledge of our elegant design, we will bring rich new meaning to your life of movement.

The professional group: in addition, we will take principles learned in ATM and apply them to hands-on FI practice, increasing your sensitivity for touch and understanding into the magic and mystery of you!

Pre-requisite: Ball, Bowl, and Slinky course.

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Parent Workshop: Islands, Icebergs, and Motor Milestones: Giving Hope and Understanding for Your Child’s life.

In this workshop we will:
*Be connecting the dots as we learn that development is not a linear process but a complex web of intricate communication that slowly and delicately builds on itself.
*Explore essential building blocks and learn how pacing and sequencing are critical to the success, unfolding, and blossoming of organic development.
*learn how your intention, quality of touch, and refined listening allows the nervous system to hear necessary cues for making the next connection, creating a strong base for a thriving and buoyant child.
*take time for a personal meeting with each family, focusing on challenges, needs, and how you can best support your child.